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Everybody uses computers. Whether you are self-employed, or part of a team of dozens of coworkers, Information Technology is a critical business asset. Yet too often the computer locks up, or the printer won't work, or the network is down. Imagine how much more productive you could be if these issues were a thing of the past. Now imagine the competitive advantage if you could start to make use of the latest and greatest technology - shared address books and calendars - integrated voice, fax and email - VOIP phones - remote access...
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Most small businesses don't have an IT professional on staff. There is no IT Department to assist in planning, implementing and maintaining computer systems. Maybe there's someone who takes these on in addition to a regular job description. Maybe it's time to free that individual to do what he does best...
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The IT Force specializes in Professional Information Technology services for Small Business. We can help determine your IT needs, both now and for the future. We can help you develop a plan to get from where you are to where you need to be. And we can help keep it all running once you're there. Now you don't need your own IT department - The IT Force is with you!